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Fabrics   Baby Prints Fleece

These adorable, baby print fleece patterns are the perfect gift for a new or expecting mother. They are perfect for making throws, scarves, baby blankets and are perfect for making the world famous No Sew Fleece Blankets.


Style# A35988
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 62


Style# A44152
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 77


Style# A44741
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 38


Style# A46334
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 90


Style# A46377
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 17


Style# B4055
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 451


Style# B6104-2
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 491


Style# B6104-4
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 495


Style# B6153-1
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 452


Style# B6153-2
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 452


Style# PT568
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 639


Style# PT988
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 951