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Plush Fleece Fabric

Solid Plush fleece fabric maintains a top-notch quality at affordable low pricing. Our plush fabrics have the endurance to continuously feel and look new over a long period of time. They are ultra-soft and extremely plush double-sided. They are perfect for making blankets, throws, plush toys, robes, loungewear, apparel, quilt backings, and more.


Style# PF12000
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 1581


Style# PF12001
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 167


Style# PF12004
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 8


Style# PF12002
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 512


Style# PF12003
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 426


Style# PF12013
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 326


Style# PF12005
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 189


Style# PF12006
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 4


Style# PF12007
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 667


Style# PF12008
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 502


Style# PF12009
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 6


Style# PF12011
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 267


Style# PF12015
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 106


Style# PF12016
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 309


Style# PF12020
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 451


Style# PF12014
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 478


Style# PF12021
Price: $10.95
In Stock: 648

    We are confident that you will find what you are looking for, whether for personal or your wholesale needs.
    We take pride providing top quality fabrics and responsive customer service.

    We would like to thank you in advance for your business.