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Fabrics   SweatShirt Fleece Fabric   Polyester SweatShirt Fleece

Our imported Polyester medium weight sweatshirts are soft to touch and perfect for sublimation printing. They are perfect for making sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies(also called hooded sweatshirts or hoodie jackets)and much more. All colors are in stock and ready to be shipped.


Style# SF114
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1890


Style# SF112
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1957


Style# SF111
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1979


Style# SF116
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1947


Style# SF109
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1984


Style# SF108
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1969


Style# SF107
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1981


Style# SF106
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1957


Style# SF105
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1919


Style# SF104
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1970


Style# SF110
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1906


Style# SF102
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1882


Style# SF101
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1955


Style# SF100
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1873


Style# SF115
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1981


Style# SF117
Price: $8.95
In Stock: 1984