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Tartan Plaid Flannel Fabric

Our yarn dyed Tartan Plaid Flannel Fabrics are made of high quality 100% Cotton fabric and are tightly woven with a soft textured weave. Our flannel fabrics can be used for a variety of sewing or quilting projects, such as to create shirts, jackets, uniforms, blankets, sleepwear, bibs, quilts and much more. Our entire line of fabrics is sold by the yard and ready to be shipped immediately.


Style# FP02
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1414


Style# FP03
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1355


Style# FP04
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1434


Style# FP05
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1309


Style# FP06
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1475


Style# FP07
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1479


Style# FP08
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1446


Style# FP09
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1476


Style# FP10
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1430


Style# FP12
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1351


Style# FP13
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1472


Style# FP15
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1476


Style# FP16
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1452


Style# FP18
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1488


Style# FP23
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1454


Style# FP26
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1452


Style# FP27
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1491


Style# FP30
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1369


Style# FP37
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1450


Style# FP38
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 1439


Style# FP35
Price: $7.95
In Stock: 0

    We are confident that you will find what you are looking for, whether for personal or your wholesale needs.
    We take pride providing top quality fabrics and responsive customer service.

    We would like to thank you in advance for your business.